“The gift of music”

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” —Plato The origin of music is unknown as it occurred prior to recorded history. No one knows for sure why music was created but most theorists agreeContinue reading ““The gift of music””

“The Adventure of Pasta Making”

This blog is not about how to make pasta. I will leave that to the experts. This is about why I loved this experience. Last April, I had a trip to Italy planned to visit my daughter who was studying abroad. When the pandemic hit, the trip was cancelled. She was sent home after onlyContinue reading ““The Adventure of Pasta Making””

How anyone can afford to travel

The question I get asked most often is “how do you do it???”.  Sometimes it comes in the form of a snarky comment, and sometimes it comes from innocent curiosity. I didn’t always understand where this question derived. It seemed as though some people would be hoping that I would reply “I’m drowning in creditContinue reading “How anyone can afford to travel”

Is it safe to fly during the pandemic?

As an avid traveler, this is a question I find myself pondering frequently. I have not flown since last March. My last flight was at the onset of the pandemic in the United States. I remember the feeling I had in the pit of my stomach as I was seated next to an obviously sickContinue reading “Is it safe to fly during the pandemic?”