“When will things return to normal?”

This is a question we all have asked ourselves – consciously or unconsciously. There is surely a communal longing to feel a sense of safety and normalcy again. When will we be able to greet someone without awkward hesitation?  When will we be able to travel without fear of judgment from others? When will weContinue reading ““When will things return to normal?””

“Ordinary Moments”

Watching movies that were filmed “pre-pandemic” puts into perspective the ordinary moments that we take for granted. Scenes from packed bars and restaurants, crowded sporting events, large family gatherings, and bustling city streets with no one wearing a mask makes us all move a little in our seats as this has been embedded in usContinue reading ““Ordinary Moments””

“Escaping the winter blues”

I used to avoid traveling in the winter months. I didn’t think it was worth the headaches associated with the unpredictable New England weather. All it takes is a good “nor’easter” to ground air travel for days. I thought winter months were best for playing catch up on bills and work, but after seeing enticingContinue reading ““Escaping the winter blues””

“America’s Best Kept Secret – South Dakota”

Visiting Mount Rushmore has always been at the top of my list of sites to visit. Aside from how amazing the sculpture is, I love what it represents. I have always thought of it as a symbol of freedom and hope. Visiting this landmark was the reason I wanted to plan a trip to SouthContinue reading ““America’s Best Kept Secret – South Dakota””

“Why Mountain View Grand Resort is a Perfect Getaway”

We started going to Mountain View Grand in January of 2016. We loved it so much, we decided to keep going there every year to celebrate my birthday. We missed going this year due to the pandemic, but hope to return next winter. The first time we went, we found this place on a Groupon.Continue reading ““Why Mountain View Grand Resort is a Perfect Getaway””

“Adventures of an RV Road trip to South Dakota”

Buying a camper or RV has never been on my radar, but after watching several movies (such as “RV” starring Robin Williams) the idea of doing a trip like that appealed to me. It sounded like the perfect trip for a family adventure with teenagers. Unlike the movie, my kids were excited for the tripContinue reading ““Adventures of an RV Road trip to South Dakota””

“How to fly Spirit Airlines”

Spirit airlines is known for being an “ultra-low-cost carrier”. I have flown Spirit many times over the years, and will likely continue to. It’s important to know what to expect before choosing this airline. Spirit has a controversial reputation because many travelers are taken by surprise due to the fact that they did not knowContinue reading ““How to fly Spirit Airlines””

“Are you making travel plans for 2021?”

New hope for travel plans emerged with the approval of the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccine at the end of 2020. At the same time, record numbers of Americans are testing positive for the virus following holiday gatherings and colder temperatures across the nation. I personally know many families that have or are currently strugglingContinue reading ““Are you making travel plans for 2021?””

“Travel and Humanities have been my biggest educator”

My addiction for traveling began early on for me. I fell in love with it. Travel quickly became one of my biggest passions. I used to think it was the inspiring “Awe and Wonder” of the new experience that was responsible for my passion, but I am now certain that it is because of muchContinue reading ““Travel and Humanities have been my biggest educator””

“Is it worth it to make plans during the pandemic”?

As I come out of warm summer months and into the holiday season, I look even further ahead into the depths of winter and I ask myself “what am I going to do?”. My calendar is empty. I wonder “is it worth it to make plans during the pandemic“? With all of the unanticipated changesContinue reading ““Is it worth it to make plans during the pandemic”?”