“The Power of Intention”

One of the most powerful things I have learned in my lifetime is to recognize the importance of intention. Asking myself why I do the things that I do has helped me to make better choices that align with my values. I’ve noticed that when I slow down and ask myself “what is your intention” it helps me to understand if my intention is self-serving or if I am avoiding an uncomfortable situation. Was the choice made because it makes me happy or someone else?

Living with intention has allowed me to live a life with betterment and purpose. It’s so easy to go into autopilot and not think about what I am doing. I find that I tend to do this more during times of stress. Ironically, this is the time that I need to be the most mindful yet my default is to become unaware and just react. I almost always regret my choices when I do this. It’s truly something that I have to work at almost daily. It is obvious to me that when I make the choices that I feel the best about it, is when I stop and evaluate my intentions.

I stopped putting other’s needs before my own. I started realizing that more often than I realized, my intention was to avoid another person feeling pain. The problem was that this usually came at the expense of my own pain. I decided that the intention needs to be my own happiness so that I can be a more loving person to the people in my life.

Clarity is another gain that I have found when I ask myself about my intentions. Understanding why I want to do something helps me to understand my own motives and priorities. This understanding guides me in the direction of where my attention and effort need to be given. Clarity helps me to see what is really happening in my life and if things are right for me personally. I am able to see where change needs to happen.

Actively being aware of my intentions has helped me take responsibility for myself and do the hard things that make me live a happier life.  It’s really a simple thing that has changed how I make decisions. It has been so liberating and has helped me define who I want to be.

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