“What’s your story?”

Your stories are the fabric of your life. What do they say about you? Is it what you want it to say about you? I think it’s important to remember that we are the creator of our individual story regardless of what circumstances life throws our way. How we respond to life, the decisions we make, and how we teach others to treat us are all factors that contribute to the life we live. We always have the ability to live a different life if we choose to.

Too often we forget to take a step back and ask ourselves “how am I living my life”.  For me personally, it’s usually when someone that I respect brings something to my attention that I realize a change needs to be made. I’m guilty of being sucked into the rat race of life and becoming unaware of toxic relationships, unhealthy daily habits, and letting things ride to long.

Coming to the realization that change needs to happen is where the difference begins. If we can acknowledge that we have been too passive, too lazy, living in fear, or whatever our shortcomings are – we can begin to make change. It doesn’t even matter how long it’s been going on. We don’t have to stay stuck in whatever is holding us back from living our best life and creating a life story that we feel good about.

Do the work! Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and allow yourself the ability to embrace the change in your life that you need to follow your dreams. It will be worth it. Remind yourself of the legacy you want to leave behind. What stories do you want to tell your grandchildren when they ask about your life?

Remember, your legacy is not about the value of the estate you leave behind, it’s about the richness of your life! Don’t sell yourself short by staying stuck in a mindset that prevents you from looking at your life from this perspective. Be the person you want to be! Do that thing you always wanted to do! Live the life you are meant to live! Take ownership of your life and the choices you make, because there isn’t another person on earth that can do this for you. You have the ability to live the most amazing story regardless of your past because you are the writer of your own story and can change the script at any time you chose to.

One thought on ““What’s your story?”

  1. It’s important to remember that your story literally means: your story.

    Don’t let someone else hold the pen; do the things you want to do; take risks, have fun, live life.

    You only get one 🥂

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