“Ordinary Moments”

Watching movies that were filmed “pre-pandemic” puts into perspective the ordinary moments that we take for granted. Scenes from packed bars and restaurants, crowded sporting events, large family gatherings, and bustling city streets with no one wearing a mask makes us all move a little in our seats as this has been embedded in us as taboo since the start of the pandemic. Yet, reflecting back these were just ordinary moments that we thought nothing about until now.

I miss those moments. I miss the energy of a close Red Sox game.  I miss the atmosphere in a crowded restaurant. I miss the closeness of giving hugs to love ones during the holidays. I miss the anonymousness of walking down a busy street.

I have always been a believer that we should have our eyes open to what is around us and never let life pass us by. I thought I lived by that standard better than most, but as I think deeper about how I never would have predicted that those things would be taken from us, it makes me realize that I need to open my eyes to all of the ordinary moments in my life. I used to think it was about saying “YES” to opportunities and going outside of my comfort zone more. I still think that is an important aspect of living life to the fullest, but I also think being aware and appreciating the smallest things in life that bring us joy are just as significant.

Finding joy in ordinary moments helps us to let go of negative emotions and learn to appreciate the simple parts of life we believe will always be available to us. We rarely slow down and think about the “what if’s”. What if we could never take another hot shower? What if we could never have a slice of pizza again? What if we could only see our loved ones through a pane of glass? What if we could never bask in the sunshine again?

It’s this perspective that allows us to understand what is truly important in life and also what is not.  We all need to do a self-audit and distance ourselves from the things in our lives that no longer serve us. When we eliminate these distractions and stress from our lives, we free ourselves up to the ability of being more present in the moment. It’s only then that you can appreciate the feeling of warm rain on your face – as opposed to being annoyed by it. This is when life happens!  When you wake up and feel at your best because you know how many blessings your day is filled with.

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