“Travel and Humanities have been my biggest educator”

My addiction for traveling began early on for me. I fell in love with it. Travel quickly became one of my biggest passions. I used to think it was the inspiring “Awe and Wonder” of the new experience that was responsible for my passion, but I am now certain that it is because of much more. Travel has helped me find my authentic self and overcome adversity in my life. I take away so much more than photos and memories from the places I visit. It’s not just a vacation for me.

I became aware of the truth surrounding common “bumper sticker” quotes. It is actually true that those who do not travel tend to have a more limited view of the world than those who have firsthand experience of the world we live in. Travel and humanities have been, for me, my biggest educator. The exposure to different culture has taught me tolerance for other people’s differences, appreciation for their differences, and the ability to incorporate some of those differences into my own life in a positive way that has helped me define who I am.

Humanities has shown me some of the best accomplishments of human beings throughout history. Every city has a unique story about the people that live, and have lived there. There is so much we can learn about our own lives from these stories.

Each city on this planet has character and a feel that is different and unlike anywhere else in the world.  It can be most wonderful to experience in person. The scent and atmosphere cannot fully be described and absorbed through books or movies. Observing how other people live in their true everyday lives is also something very different than the(filmed) documentaries we see from the comfort of our homes. Almost everywhere I have traveled, I find something that the people whom live there are deeply proud of. It may be the birthplace of a hero, architecture, music, agriculture, art, natural wonders, food, historic events, or their unique culture. There is always something exceptional to be appreciated.

Education of travel is experienced long before the trip even takes place. Extensive research is needed to plan the most ideal trip. I want to learn everything I can about the place I am visiting. My goal is to maximize my time there, without over exerting myself to the point of exhaustion. Being well rested is critical for optimal health and the ability to be fully present during the trip. Educating myself is the best way to minimize stress and maximize my time there. I also love the research. It’s exciting and fun to dig in, knowing that what I am reading about will be real for me.

I find myself noticing people getting so caught up in their daily lives that they loose perspective to the bigger picture. The most trivial and mundane things become overly significant and anxiety inducing. I wish I could share with them what I have learned. The world is a much bigger place than what we pay attention to. Stepping outside our daily routine and comfort zones can have a profound affect on our level of happiness. Travel is an effective way to find yourself and understand what is truly important in life. It offers a level of appreciation and wisdom that reminds us how great home is. It can change our perspective so that we can change our reality.

“The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page” ― St. Augustine

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  1. Thank you for sharing Liz! So inspiring to see you always actively striving to expand your consciousness in your journey of personal growth. Hope you can begin to travel again when the pandemic ends 🙂

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