“Wednesday Night Blues”

This summer I was fortunate enough to get turned on to what quickly became my Wednesday night tradition for the past six months. I also am fortunate enough to have married into a family with a strong love and appreciation for music. They invited me to join them at the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley Massachusetts. The Bull Run is a historic New England restaurant that offers a wide variety of traditional and upscale dinners. They also offer free live Blues music every Wednesday night!!!

The first time I went I honestly was not sure what to expect. This was during the time that restaurants were just beginning to open up for seated dinning again. Most were outdoor seating only. I was aware of the significant impact quarantine had on restaurants. I knew restaurants were facing severe labor shortages and were in danger of hitting their bottom lines. On top of that, they had to go to extraordinary measures to keep patrons safe and follow local guidelines. This would surly mean a different dinning experience than I was used to. I honestly hadn’t even considered what the band might be like. I was just happy to be out again!

Despite my skepticism, the Bull Run had really pulled it off! They transferred the back patio into a quaint backyard oasis. The restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage for the delicious food and great service that we received that night. The music was a bonus and truly became the highlight of the evening. The performers played from their souls. You could feel that every patron there left feeling inspired that night.

We quickly made a reservation for the following Wednesday night. Then the following Wednesday, and the Wednesday after that until it became our new “Wednesday night tradition”. As the summer progressed they filled every possible seat in the house turning people away even. We saw many regulars and almost always new faces each week. We all looked forward to our Hump-day night out!

We enjoyed the safety and freshness of the outdoors for as long as mother nature would allow. When the temperature became too unbearable they were forced to move the show indoors. Less people attended and the atmosphere from other guests, their conversations, laughter, and the sound of clinking glasses were lost. I’ll admit, it was a little bit of an eerie feeling at first. But as soon as the band hit their first note the eerie feeling was relieved and contentment took over. It was as if we had our own private show! It was at this time that I realized why I love the blues so much. I realized that it is the hardships of life in which formed this style of music. Blues music reflects life and we are living in a time of hardship. The music didn’t make me feel sad, though. It was the opposite. It was uplifting and therapeutic. The music is incredibly rich in emotional expression, and I love that!

I don’t know how long the Bull Run will continue to do this, but I do know that I will continue to go for as long as it offered. I love that it is from 6pm- 8pm so I’m home early on a work night. I love the food. I love the music, an I love the company.

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