“Is it worth it to make plans during the pandemic”?

As I come out of warm summer months and into the holiday season, I look even further ahead into the depths of winter and I ask myself “what am I going to do?”. My calendar is empty. I wonder “is it worth it to make plans during the pandemic“? With all of the unanticipated changes that covid-19 has brought, planning feels impossible – or is it?

The pandemic is far from over and quarantine fatigue is real. Yet, the idea of carefully planning the perfect adventure and having it get cancelled feels so defeating. The time and effort that it takes to plan the adventure in the first place is unprecedented in itself. You have to carefully read updates and new protocols to review safety measures to determine if it’s a safe activity. You have to carefully review terms and conditions to ensure that you can get a refund if you have to cancel – then hope you don’t have to spend hours on the phone chasing the refund. You have to read reviews online to see if with all the restrictions, the experience is worth your time and money. Are they understaffed and overpriced because of the labor shortage and financial strain caused by the pandemic? State and local guidelines are changing by the day. Sounds overwhelming, right?  Playing it safe definitely sounds like the way to go. But then I ask myself, can I really sit home for the next seven months or so and do nothing? That feels exhausting too! Maybe even in a more destructive way?

Perhaps the hope that the plans will happen in the way we want makes the effort worthwhile. Hope is a necessary ingredient in getting through difficult times. Don’t we all need the anticipation of something positive happening in our lives? Do we really want to just stay home in despair just because it’s more effort or we fear things might not happen the way we want them to?

Trying to envision life weeks, months, or even years down the road may seem futile or even foolish to some people during this time, but remaining empty and purposeless simply because we are afraid of possible disappointment doesn’t make sense either.

 We all want to stay safe and healthy since we are, after all, in the midst of a global pandemic. The risk of contracting the virus is high on almost everyone’s minds. Anxiety is something we all know well these days. So, how do we overcome our anxiety and stay safe so we can live our best lives even during a global pandemic? Plan smart! Do your research. Make plans that align with your comfort level. Be creative! Think outside the box. Review your options, make plans, and hold firm in your decisions. Adopt an optimistic state of mind and remember this season is only temporary.

2 thoughts on ““Is it worth it to make plans during the pandemic”?

  1. I agree completely. I generally go light on my itineraries when I travel, but it’s an adjustment to not be able to trust that I can do any overnights anywhere for awhile. Sticking to day trips, but I know as the winter months come, those will be challenged as well (here in Michigan, we aren’t totally shut down yet, but I’m not comfortable going inside – like you said, this IS a global pandemic, after all). But hope is that thing with feathers, and I can’t wait to spread mine and fly again.

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